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Released Monday May 17th, 2010

You may publish any of these cartoons for editorial use.

  • Each of these cartoons is also a maze, entrance/exits marked by arrows.
  • Links to printable version and the solutions are under each cartoon.
  • Please attribute to Yonatan Frimer and RSL.
  • Yonatan Frimer is available for hire as a freelance cartoonist, fore more info click here.

Cartoon maze of how the  Tea Party started.  By Yonatan Frimerhow the tea party started maze

Cartoon maze editorial of a bunch of sheep in a field. One sheep stands up and exclaims, "I will no longer be a follower!" The rest of the flock yells, "Me too!" and the group in the front explaim "If this catches on, we got to get that fox on board."

Maze Cartoon -  Effects of Human Error on Stock Markethuman error in stock market maze cartoon

Maze cartoon editorial showcasing how stocks are effected by human error, buy having a bull represent stocks and a cowboy wrangling him to represent human error.
Can't solve the maze? Click here for the maze solution

Maze Cartoon of Steve Jobs Getting Flashed, by Yonatan Frimer

human error in stock market maze cartoon

Editorial Cartoon maze of Steve Jobs getting flashed and he thinks to himself, "Avoid anything that is relatable to this incident, even just by name" Created by Yonatan Frimer
Click here for a printable, hi-res version of this maze
Click here or on the image for the solution to the maze.

Maze Cartoon -  OECD,  Feather in Israel's Hatoecd hat feather in israel

Cartoon maze editorial of the OECD being a feather in Israel's hat.
Can't solve the maze? Click here for the maze solution

Editorial Cartoon Maze: 2010, Year to be a CameronJames and David Cameron maze cartoon

Cartoon maze editorial both David Cameron, the new prime minister of England and of James Cameron, who produced and directed Avatar, a movie that has broken many records for generating the most revenue. 2010 sure is a good year if your last name is Cameron.


To contact the artist, Yonatan Frimer, please email yfrimer@yahoo.com
To order prints-on-demand of these cartoons and other mazes for your offices, please click here.

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