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Self Portrait Maze of the Artist - Dec 31 2006
Self Maze Portrait

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My name is Yonatan Frimer. I began drawing mazes in the 3rd grade out of boredom. Anytime my mind would wonder off I would simply whisk away the boredom with my mazing pencil strokes - they didn't let us write with pens yet at that age. Fast forward about 20 years later to when I broke my leg in a motorcycle accident and was hospitalized and bed bound for nearly 2 years. Too keep my mind as busy as possible during my recovery, I focused on drawing my mazes. As much as 15 hours a day, pretty much everyday, for nearly 2 years. I practiced drawing not just mazes, I've also learned portraits and caricatures as well as anime and plain old comics, but in the end I always incorporated my new skills into better maze making.

This is a maze I call "April Showers Bring MAZE Flowers".
I usually try to work the word MAZE in a funny way into some normal saying or catch phrase

April Showers Bring Maze Flowers

Mazerotti is intended to sound like Maserati, the exotic Italian sports car manufacturer.

My Mazerotti does 185


Somewhere in storage, near a Mediterranean coast, I have a booklet of mazes I titles Maze Anatomy
I guess you could call it a spin off the famous Anatomy Illustration Book, Grey's Anatomy.
Drawing Anatomically correct biology illustrations is much harder than, and not nearly as much fun, as it looks.
Here is one of the mazes from that collection:  An Eukaryotic Cell. Can't imagine why these never really took off.
Animal Cell Maze

I have recently begun publishing my mazes and am very interested in speaking with any publishers.

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Maze Phabet Soup

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