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Generic Symbols Maze Art:

Mazes of generic symbols, landmarks, and other common images.

Beware of the maze.
maze of a barking dog, by yonatan frimer

Pyschedelic Ying Yang Maze
psychedelic ying yang maze

Star of David Maze
Magen David Maze - Star of david the maze, psychedelic art

Psychedelic Liberty Maze

statue of liberty maze pschedelic maze art

Maze Rushmore
maze rushmore, mt. rushmore maze

Maze of Piano Keys
Maze of Piano Keys

Maze of Chance
Maze of Chance

Happy Illusion Maze
Optical Illusion of a happy face

Iwo Jima Maze
maze artwork of iwo jima flag raising

Maze of a rose - Flower Maze
Maze of a rose

Maze of Monkey Illusion - 2009
Optical illusion maze caused by conflicting horizontal and vertical lines.

maze of monkey illusion medium InkBlotMazes Ink Blot Mazes, By Yonatan Frimer, your humble maze artist

 These are not the typical boring looking mazes that are just a puzzle needing to be solved. Each maze is not just a puzzle, it is also an image that has a subject matter and automatically registers much longer in the mind than any normal mazes. Have a look thru our extensive collection and feel free to give some feedback.

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