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About Yonatan Frimer, Maze Artist

About Yonatan Frimer, the artist that makes these mazes.

Aside from being the undisputed worlds greatest maze artist, Frimer also has a few other successful careers in his work history including many years as a recruiter, sales director, advertising executive, and venture capital.

After completing over 300 intricate mazes the past few years, Yonatan is now collating a book of mazes. 

While there are several other maze artists out there, some of them even good good, none come close to the quality, capacity, volume,  as Yonatan Frimer's mazes.

Authors Bio for Yonatan Frimer:

Maze designer, venture capitalist and boyhood genius, Yonatan Frimer was born in 1977, in Israel, to a Scottish mother and American fish-farmer father. He grew up near Phoenix, Arizona after living briefly in Israel, New York, Chicago, and San Diego. He began drawing mazes while bored in elementary school, and skipped 5th and 8th grades as a result of high grades and outstanding scores on standardized exams. Graduating from high school at the age of 16, he began taking classes in photography and art and moved to Boston at age 18 where he earned an associates degree in Liberal Arts before transferring to Harvard University to study Economics. He left Harvard after only one year to pursue a career in finance and worked for some of the largest venture capital funds. He tragically crushed his leg in a 2005 motorcycle accident and was hospitalized for over 3 years, during which time he returned to drawing mazes. Shortly after the liquidity crisis of 2008, he officially left his career in venture capital to focus full time on creating mazes. Frimer currently lives in northern Israel and creates mazes for newspapers, art galleries, and greeting cards.
2010 self portrait maze of Yonatan Frimer

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