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Yonatan Frimer's collection of Optical Illusion

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Optical Illusion Maze    |       Hurts The Eyes       |        Floating Box Illusion

Yonatan Frimer Optical Illusion Maze
  Hurts-The-Eyes Optical Illusion Maze   |   Maze of floating box optical illusion      |        Yonatan Frimer

   Close your eyes and look away if you feet faint or dizzy. Created by Yonatan Frimer

Top Ten Places to find the Psychedelic Optical Illusion "Hurts The Eyes" Maze:

  1. Hurts the Eyes Optical Illusion Maze on Facebook
  2. Hurts The Eyes Optical Illusion on Fine Art America
  3. Picassa Web Maze of Optical Illusion that hurts the eyes
  4. Yonatan Frimer Optical Illusion Maze that hurts the eys on Devian Art
  5. Hurts the Eyes Optical illusion Maze by Yonatan Frimer on Flickr
  6. Maze of Optical Illusion that hurts the eye and is of a floating box on TwitPic
  7. Maze of an Optical Illusion that Hurts The Eyes on Photobucket
  8. Maze of optical illusion that hurts the eyes on Saatchi Online
  9. Optical Illusion Maze that hurts the eyes by Yonatan Frimer on Live Journal
  10. Get the Yonatan Frimer Optical Illusion that Hurts The Eyes at the source at Team Of Monkeys . Com

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