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Letter S from Learn to A Maze by Yonatan Frimer
Letter of the alphabet created with mazes to teach kids in a book titled, "Learn To A Maze"
Psychedelic maze of a Coca Cola glass with bubbles and coke in it by Yonatan Frimer.
Mazes created for advertising samples to promote brands and products.

Optical Illusion Mazes

Optical Illusion Maze
An incredible collection of eye-warping mazes that are fun to solve and look at.

Massive Mazes

Maze Kong - 2006 Mazes Celebrity, artword, celebrities, portraits, famous,
Extermely large and comlexe mazes. Each maze takes nearly 20 hours to create....yet just a few minutes to solve.

Generic Symbols Maze Art

Optical Illusion of a happy face
Maze art of generic symbols, landmarks, icons, famous art, objects, and other cool subject matter.

Editorial Maze Cartoons

maze cartoon of road to peace or war motorcycle
Politically oriented maze cartoons. Ideal for newspapers, websites, blogs, and other politically motivated publications.

Animal Mazes
Mazes of animals, Eliphants, gorillas, dogs, cats, snakes, deer, and others and other creatures of this planet.

Fame Maze - Celebrity Portraits

Madonna Ciccone Portrait MazeMaze portraits of celebrities, politicians, rock stars and other famous people.

Team Of Monkeys Mazes

Maze Comics Team Of Monkeys Service RevolverMaze cartoons of a team of monkeys doing some kind of human task in a funny and entertaining manner.

    These are not your everyday boring mazes. Each maze is not just a maze, it is also a graphical image that has a subject matter and automatically registers much longer in the mind than any normal mazes. Have a look thru our extensive collection and feel free to give some feedback.  You ideas are very important to us.   Contact Info

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